What is NoxPoint?

NoxPoint is the point unit in NoxPlayer's membership system; after successfully logging in as a NoxPlayer member, you can earn NoxPoints through various ways such as daily check-in, profile completion, and other tasks. You could use NoxPoints to redeem gifts.

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Where to find the NoxPoints feature on NoxPlayer?

Click this icon on your desktop:

Complete your first-time Google Play sign-in:

After successfully signing in, return to the main menu and you'll see this dashboard:

Then you can complete daily tasks to earn NoxPoints!


How to earn NoxPoints

You can earn NoxPoints by:

  1. Completing your profile +15/one-time
  2. Trying out a designated game +40/day
  3. Watching 30s of video +5/day
  4. Finishing daily check-in +5/day
  5. Online for more than 30 mins +5/day


You will earn 55 NoxPoints per day if you finish all daily tasks


Use NoxPoints to redeem gift cards

We might offer awards at lower costs during the holidays, stay tuned!


NoxPoints Validity Period

Nox points remained as unused with an obtaining date before December of the previous year will expire on December 1 of each year, i.e. Nox Points obtained before December 2021 will expire on December 1 of 2022, and so on. Nox Points obtained earlier will be deducted first from your account when you use them.