1. Brief Introduction

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2. How to Create Multi-instance/Different Android Versions


Click the icon of Multi-drive or click the icon in the right toolbar as the following screenshot to create multi-instance. 

Then click the lower right corner to choose the Android versions

2021/8/20 Updated: 

Please note: in the latest version (v7015) of NoxPlayer, you could add 4 types of Android engines. Our recommendation would be Android 7 (32-bit) but you could try anything based on your preferences. Now you don't need to download different installation packs anymore! 32/42 bit and Android 5/7/9 are all in one place!


3. Introduction of the newly-added function in Multi-instance


a. newly-added function

Startstart the emulator 
Closeclose the emulator 
Delete              delete the emulator(the operation can not be restored.)
More functions                     copycopy the same emulator in Multi-instance
create newcreate more emulators simultaneously
Extreme Multi-instancebatch the emulator to create more instances
System settingchange the setting of the emulator

b. Relocate the Data

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c. Searching box

Searching any keywords in the searching box.

d. Installed application

Check the installed apps directly without opening the related emulator.

e. Related settings

Start/Closestart or close the emulator 
Deletedelete the emulator(the operation can not be restored.)
System settingAdd more functions than the old version
More settingscopycopy the same emulator in Multi-instance
clean up disk spaceclean up disk space, click here
back upback up and import the data, click here
create the shortcutcreate a shortcut of the emulator on the desktop

f. Multi-instance Arrangement

Here you can arrange the emulators through 【Grid view】and 【Diagonal view】.

Grid view including: Line-alignment; Left-column alignment; Right-column alignment


g. Optimize the Performance of Multi-instance

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1. The number of multi-instances is determined by the configuration of the computer. It is recommended to select the number of multi-instances according to the actual configuration of your pc.

2. Some computers' memory with 32-bit operating systems is less than 4G. It is recommended to create only 1-2 emulators. If you open more than 2 emulators, an error may occur.

h. Now we support Android 5/7/9 and 32/64 bit in one place (2021/8/20 updated).