Version: V6.6.1.1

Date: 07-06-2020

Release Note: 

What’s new

1. Add the switch of Keyboard mapping, which supports to turn on or off the keyset according to different games;

2. Add the function 【Rendering cache】, which improves the fluency of some games;

What’s optimized

1. Boost the performance to smartly allocate the resource so as to reduce the occupation of memory and CPU effectively
2. Optimize the experience for developers, which is more convenient to connect and debug;
3. Optimize some interactive experiences;


From the latest version, the emulator will not support creating a new multi-instance of Android 4, which still supports to create a multi-instance of Android 5 and Android 7. For old users, you can still find your original Android 4 in Multi-drive or Nox multi-instance manager.

If you wanna export your data of Android 4 to other instances, remember to back up your data first. For backup and restore your data, here is a guide: click here.

Download here