Version: V6.6.1.3

Date: 10-09-2020

Release Note: 

What's optimized: 

1. Supports to customize the shortcut to make operations more conveniently 

2. Supports to upgrade the latest version by one-click and restart directly 

3. Supports to create Android 7 by one-click to run special games with high-version 

What's fixed: 

1. Solve the problem of the multiple icons showed on the desktop while overwriting the installation 

2. Solve the problem of the emulator crash for some Windows 10 system 

3. Solve the problem that can't close the emulator when sometimes files are locked 

4. Fix the error "The driver connected to the device is not enabled" on the Windows 7 system 

Download here


Version: V6.6.1.3200

Date: 10-09-2020

Release Note: 

What's new: 

1. Add a keyset that can simulate the finger to slide on the screen, which unlocks more gaming scene, Click here to check; 

2. Add a shortcut(Ctrl+T) to interrupt Macro, which supports to interrupt the current script. Click here to check; 


1. Optimize the guiding process for the newbie; 

2. Optimize the directory structure of the shared folder, which makes it simpler and clearer; 

3. Optimize the zoom function, which supports to adjust the size and speed of the zoom range now, Click here to check; 

 4. Optimize the experience of the shortcut(Ctrl + the mouse scroll wheel), which supports to set the adjusting rate in the system setting; 

5. Optimize some copywriting;

 6. 【Backup/Import】 While backing up files, it supports to restore the emulator name; 

7. Optimize some other interactive experiences

 Performance optimized: 

1. Solve the problem that the emulator is stuck occasionally when dragging files on Android 7 and automatically refreshing the dragged files; 

2. Solve some type of error;


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