Version: V7.0.2.2

Date: 2022/03/03

Release Note: 

What's new: 

1. In Multi-instance manager, you can now bulk move emulator instances to a folder to organize things more easily. 

2. In Multi-instance manager, you can now change the settings of all emulators in a folder at once. 

3. In Macro Recorder-Combined Play, a search feature is added. 

4. NoxPlayer Premium subscription plan is now available for you to go ad-free on NoxPlayer. To learn more about this Premium subcription plan, check this

What's optimized: 

1. UI and UX design improvements in Multi-instance manager. 

2. The [Slide] key in Keyboard Mapping: added a new option for you to stay at the end point when long pressing the key. 

3. Controller Mapping: added a new [Slide] key.