Version: V7.0.0.9

Date: 2021/02/05

Release Note: 

What's new: 

1. Add【Keyboard Shortcut】in Keyboard Control, which can utilize one key to execute multiple commands; Click here to check the guide.

2. Add Widescreen to support running 2K/4K games smoothly; 

What's Optimized: 

1. Optimize【Targeted skill-casting】, which can switch the skill conveniently in auto-cast/ manual cast mode(which needs a key-set to cancel casting); 

2. Optimize【Move Control】, which can avoid moving uninterruptedly in long-press mode to reduce walking inertia; 

3. Optimize the experience of Ctrl+the mouse scroll wheel, which can adjust the zoom scope more accurately; 4. Optimize some copywriting and error code; 

Download here