Bluescreen Sudden of Death (BSOD) is a Protection Mechanism of Microsoft Windows OS to protect the data files from being damaged when they cannot recover from a system error. The iconic display image of BSOD mostly caused by Windows OS crashes.

Some users may experience this situation when they download & start NoxPlayer for the first time. Don’t worry, here are the reasons and solutions for different cases for the BSOD Problem.

  • Quick Repair
  1. Download the BSOD Tool to your PC
  2. Click it with the right mouse and click “Run as Admin
  3. Restart your PC twice to fix the BSOD problem
  • Solutions for NoxPlayer conflicts with Antivirus Software

All the emulators will conflict with antivirus software because they both require to use the Hardware Visualization of your computer. To solve the BSOD problem that causes by antivirus software, please click here to view further details.

  • BSOD problem with Windows 1809/1903 
  1. Make sure that you are using Windows 1809/1903

> Press “Windows” key + “R” to open the Desktop app “Run













> Type “winver” and click “OK” to view your Window version









2. After confirming your Windows version, click here to view further details.

  • BSOD problem caused by Windows 10 auto-update

The BSOD problem may cause by the Windows 10 auto-update, click here to learn how to uninstall Windows 10 updates.

  • Shut down Hyper-V to fix the BSOD problem

Hyper-V is a virtual machine designed for server virtualization and Intel Virtualization Technology which cannot be used by other software. NoxPlayer, as an Android emulator, also requires to use the virtual machine (VM) to give users a better experience. Therefore, there will be a conflict between NoxPlayer and Hyper-V. For your better experience, we recommend you to close Hyper-V while using NoxPlayer.

Click here to learn how to shut down Hyper-V to fix the BSOD problem.