As an Android emulator, game-related issues are the most frequently asked questions. Here we have summarized some game-related frequently asked questions and the solutions for you.

  1. Game lag

Game lag can be caused by many reasons, click here to view the tips to improve the performance of the NoxPlayer.

2. Cannot load a game

There can be many reasons causing game-loading failure, click here to view the tips to solve this issue.

3. Game crash

> If the game cannot be opened in the first place and the game crashes. Please contact us at Facebook or Email, we will have someone to help you.

> If the game crashes after running for a while, please send us the crash log via Email. Click here to learn how to extract the log when the crash happens

4. FPS drops 

The FPS dropping issue can be really annoying. Please click here to learn how to solve the FPS dropping issue.

5. Game image issue 

The game image issue includes the image broken, missing character, and green screen, etc. You can try to change the Graphic rendering mode to fix these problems. Click here to learn how to fix the game image problems by changing the Graphic rendering mode.

6. Cannot find a game

There are so many reasons that you cannot find a particular game on NoxPlayer. Please click here to find out why you cannot find games on NoxPlayer.

7. The game is incompatible with the current device

You can try to change the phone model to fix this problem. Please click here to view the detailed tutorial.

If the above-mentioned solutions still cannot solve your problem, please join our following communities and contact us for help:

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Support Email: [email protected]